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la belle dame sans merci
28 April 2011 @ 11:53 pm
Taken from the ever-lovely ladynorbert <3<3<3

LJ meme!Collapse )
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la belle dame sans merci
17 February 2011 @ 02:15 pm
Holy shit - Tad Williams just twittered linking to my artwork!?

Is this real life?

I've read that guy's books since I was like seven years old - I had no idea he was an actual living person with a twitter.

I live right in the middle of Surreal-town, USA.

oil painting wip + cigar smoking like a bossCollapse )
la belle dame sans merci
Let's see.

I feel like I'm much better at communicating through drawing, so I'm sorry if this site doesn't work well for me. I'm such a lurker - I really do read everything, though I feel too awkward to comment. I always hoped I'd get over that, but I guess not. Sorry, I fail forever as just a creepy lurker.

I made RP!S the other day? In the good way? That was nice. And there was no way anyone knew it was me who played that character, so I know it was genuine. <3<3<3

I broke the last game I was in by having Ganondorf ask the NPCs too many clever questions. *felt bad* :|

I don't want to play Ganondorf anymore, and I have a few more.... social characters in mind to play besides him.  I was thinking of apping at witchesreign  - anyone play there? Or, if not there - does anyone play at a fun RP game they could recommend?

My sister is getting married next Saturday and we're all freaking out because the reception is in our backyard. So today I get to:

plant flowers
spray paint a birdcage bronze
decorate the birdcage with flowers
buy pumpkins for carving
take books back to the library
and something else I'm forgetting OH FEED THE PRECIOUS DOGS

The DBZ rewatch is coming along swimmingly - we're very close to that episode where Goku and Vegeta combine in a not-homoerotic-at-all way by exchanging matching magical earrings. I've never seen anything after that part before so it's kind of excite. So yeah, we're only like 30 episodes away from the end, and I'm actually sad that it's almost over. I'm going to miss watching it with her - it's been a lot of fun pointing out the plot holes... (seriously, after Goku learns to teleport, nothing makes sense ever again) bawwing at the death scenes... complaining about the filler...

Okay yeah seriously I have stuff to do today, what am I doing on here
la belle dame sans merci
23 September 2010 @ 07:19 pm
So I'm doing school again this semester. Online classes are difficult, and one of them is in 3Ds Max, which is a bit intimidating.

I've been drawing a lot, but most of it is silly. I'm writing a longish comic that greatly amuses me, but I'm not showing anyone until I have a large portion of it done. I found that I lose interest in anything if I show the unfinished product to anyone. I made the mistake of showing my sister one of my gag comics before I was done, and after it made her laugh I felt like it had fulfilled its purpose, so I didn't finish it. I get motivation by thinking about the reactions that people might have, or the amusement it might give them, and get very little joy out of the final product itself. I always approach art like "I don't know how to draw this way... I'd like to know how they did that..." It isn't about the art itself, it's about the pleasure of learning how to do something I don't know how to.

I think that goes along with my tendency to learn to do things just for the sake of knowing how to do them, rather than to get a job done. For example, in my room right now is a bike tire that has a flat. I figured out how to fix it, and now that I know how, I've lost interest in it. Does anyone else do things like this? It's very irritating for the people who know me.

I've been reading a lot of shonen manga. I've been calling it 'research.' One Piece is especially good - I thought the anime was very stupid, but apparently that was because the version I saw had terrible dubbing. Whenever the characters say things like "I made a promise! I won't let you hurt my friends!" or "I won't give up! I have a dream!" it gives me goosebumps. If I had three wishes, one wish would be for real people to make speeches from the heart like that without feeling silly.

I've also been dogsitting for my aunt and uncle. Dogs are very easy to train - you just have to make a certain noise whenever they start to do something you dislike, and praise them when they just stand there. I use "EHH!" as my certain noise. Dogs really respond well to it, especially if you can muster up a commanding presence. I used it to teach two dogs to run peaceably alongside my bicycle without pulling on their leashes. It took one trip to teach them - they are very smart and listen better than most people. They also have very tender feelings like small children, so I feel very close to and protective of them.

My aunt's dog always sprints out the door whenever he can squeeze out - my aunt's advice was to just wait for him to come back, because he'd just ignore them if they chased after him. He did this to me the other day - I yelled at him once and he immediately came back with his tail between his legs. I am perhaps a secret alpha female (???)
la belle dame sans merci
12 September 2010 @ 06:22 am

It's a dark place! That's menacing! And dark!
la belle dame sans merci
30 August 2010 @ 05:28 pm
My brother has this uncanny ability to sit down at a piano and just play any song without knowing the sheet music to it. You can say, "Hey, play Final Fantasy" and he can rip out a song from those games. He loves to make songs up at family parties - one of my favorite things to do is just sit by the piano when he is nearby.

I told him about some of my story and characters and he wrote me songs to go with it. I can't tell you how inspiring it is. If you have the opportunity to listen to your own personalized soundtrack for a project you're doing, I highly recommend it.

Apparently, so I guess last Sunday he sat down and wrote song after song for me straight out of his head. (They're meant more for getting a chord progression/melody down physically before rewriting them in Cubase, but I thought they sounded pretty fabulous just as they are.) One of them is my villain's theme!! I mean, what a present to give someone else.

Villain song, muahahahahahaaaaa:

I'm not used to editing audio files... I'm finding it hard to take away background noise without making it sound tinny. I'm so visually oriented that I can't really hear the difference when I'm editing it.
la belle dame sans merci
30 August 2010 @ 12:37 am
So I've always heard of those Abridged series on Youtube, but I could never enjoy them because they were... like always about Yu-gi-oh or other shows which I never watched as a kid.

But now I think that hole is filled. Oh lord, pretty much everything Nappa says made me actually laugh. I haven't thought about this show in years.

"WHO the fBEEEP are YOU TWO?"

la belle dame sans merci
I just got done playing through the Assassin's Creed series. As I was playing the first one, the one set in Medieval Jerusalem, I had the most nagging sense of "I've seen this somewhere before."

I've figured out what it was. Playing Assassin's Creed was like swimming in a Jean Leon Gerome painting.Collapse )

I can't say for sure whether his paintings played a hand in this game's development, but given the amount of research the team did, I think it's very unlikely that the developers hadn't taken a glance at them. This makes this game my favorite ever made, from an art direction standpoint.

(Assassin's Creed 2 (set in Renaissance Italy) was, in fact, a better game, but I liked the first game better visually - if I had to choose a historical time period to run around in, I would choose Medieval over Renaissance every time. imo, the Crusades > Da Vinci)

An interesting aside - this painting by Jean Leon Gerome single-handedly inspired the movie Gladiator:

Pollice VersoCollapse )

Once you begin to realize how inspired artists are by looking at what other artists have done, you can't stop noticing it. A famous example is how directly and admittedly inspired Disney artists were by Alphonse Mucha when making the movie Enchanted:

White Star ChampagneCollapse )

Disney does this all the time, actually. They've come out and said that their next animated movie, Tangled (based on the Rapunsel story), will be visually based on the Rococo masterpiece The Swing. It comforts me to know how much inspiration artists jack off take from previous works. It's honestly an efficient, easier way to make whatever it is you're making not look like crap.

Other obvious examples:

Team Fortress ----------- Norman Rockwell/J.C. Leyendecker
Batman: The Animated Series ----------- Art Deco (style)
Okami -------------- Sumi-e (style)

Makes me wonder when someone will make an animated movie/game inspired by cubism. Wait, has that already happened?
la belle dame sans merci
04 July 2010 @ 01:18 am
I've been thinking about something curious about character design:

Take a story where a character is cursed to look like a monster, and must go on a spiritual or physical journey in order to take back their original form. 

My question: Why is it that most people prefer the way they looked as a monster?

when I'm tired I rambleCollapse )
Okay, now I'm just hurting my brain trying to think of an example that disproves this. I feel like I'm just rambling with the examples I've come up with (which obviously have come from glancing at my bookshelf, so they're limited.) I would dearly like to think of something that actually worked out. Can you think of a time where, in a visual medium, there was a main character who transformed permanently at the end of the story (in a going-back-to-the-normal/mundane sense) and the audience embraced the change?

And don't mention Pokemon - I don't think it counts, and I secretly think you cry silent tears about your babies suddenly looking totally different with no way to change them back.

I feel like there should be a TV Tropes page about characters that change back their rightful/normal form at the end of stories, but I couldn't find it. If you have better luck than me, please share.

The only, logical ending to a tired-ramble post like this - Midna / The Beast = OTP

(She'd top because she tops everyone.)
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